The other side of Hong Kong..

Just thinking of Hong Kong and this unforgettable skyline I remember so well. In addition to the shopping, the culture and of course the food… there is another side of her that most people
don’t know about… beaches.

One side of Hong Kong is filled with traffic, skyscrapers and apartment buildings. The other side boasts lush, green forests, beautiful homes, and a strikingly stunning coastline.

Deep Water Bay – (one of my personal favs).

Stanley – (home of the famous “Stanley Markets”).

Big Wave Bay – (incredible seafood in nearby fishing village – Shek O).

So if you’re ever in Hong Kong don’t forget to head to Deep Water Bay and Stanley (No. 6 bus from Central) and to the famous Big Wave Bay (MTR to Shau Kei Wan). As with most things in life, there is always more than meets the eye…

Definitely worth a trip.

nat x


One thought on “The other side of Hong Kong..

  1. oh wow! Lovely photos. Just arrived home from Hong Kong.Sadly, I missed Stanley Markets and the beaches. Well! I guess I would just have to re-visit Hong Kong then 🙂

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