Travel Diary :: Santorini

Well aren’t we doing well here with the weather?! It’s another lovely day in sunny “almost winter” Melbourne. I was inspired by the post on vacation spots I read on this morning. So I went looking through the photo album from my year 2000 backpacking adventure and opened up to this beauty. I took this photo in Santorini.. isn’t it just beautiful? I spent a few days on Santorini with my friend Penny, the last stop of all the Greek Islands we visited and by far the most stunning in my opinion. 

With flourescent-pink bougainvillea flowing over every balcony, and terraces set for alfresco dining amidst a sea of blue roof tops, this beautiful white-washed, cliff-top island draws you in straight away. Offering the simple charm of a Greek sea-side village whilst boasting breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, Santorini is a must on your travel list.

Aside from the beauty this majestic island effortlessly oozes, Santorini is famous for another reason. Oia, the tiny town located on the north-western tip of Santorini, is where hundreds of tourists gather each afternoon to witness the glorious display of creation at sunset. {Stay tuned.. I will post on the gorgeous town of Oia soon..}

Santorini is a volcanic island.. it’s amazing how something that once suffered such destruction and devastation is now known for it’s incredible beauty. And with us it’s the same. I truly believe that the hard times define us, and that every tragedy we face, in time, will always be worked into something good. 

Have a wonderful day wherever you are. 🙂

nat x

Image – Natalie box


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