Reward for the wait.

Well to be completely honest with you, I had to go back and re-read yesterday’s post to encourage and reassure myself that waiting is ok. How funny is that.

I recorded my voiceover demo a few weeks ago. I’ve heard snippets of some of the ads, but I’ve been waiting to hear the final demo. Obviously, when we have no control about a situation, we can tend to over-think things, and sometimes try and make something happen ourselves. But I decided to stop, say a little prayer and just ask God for His help. 

Honestly. It was as simple as that. Immediately I felt a great sense of peace, and continued  on with my day, trying to focus on being faithful with the little things. And so I began..  researching.. listening to different voice over artists.. learning some ‘secret’ tricks of the trade and just honing my skills. I’d forgotten all about it until I checked my email later last night.. and there she was! My demo! JOY!

Sometimes we think we’re all alone, doing life by ourselves without anyone helping or looking out for us. But we’re not. Somebody is watching.. and waiting to help. 🙂

nat x

PS… random question.. does anyone have a good scone recipe?!

Image – Natalie Box


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