Time to flourish.

Flourish(verb) flu-rish. :: To grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.

To flourish is to thrive. To prosper. To bloom. To blossom.

Souls who follow their hearts thrive.

So how do we flourish? Well I was thinking about plants and what they need in order to flourish. If you’re anything like me, keeping plants alive is your best intention, however.. we live busy lives and sometimes ‘horticulture’ finds it way to the bottom of our list. 

I have a cyclamen plant my mum just recently gave me, and honestly, they are one of the hardest plants to kill. Great.. I thought.. this will be easy.. and ‘Nat the gardener’ suddenly appeared. Mum and Dad have had one of their cyclamen plants for three or four years. Every now and then they think it’s finally breathed it’s last breath.. when all of a sudden, it shocks everyone and beautiful flowers appear again.

Anyway, I had this plant inside on my coffee table. It was so beautiful. Crisp white flowers. Beautiful green leaves. And then after 2 weeks it began to wilt. What the heck?! I thought these were un-killable?

Then I remembered what Mum said. They don’t like heat and thrive in the freezing cold air. (Now, being a lover of Summer, the thought that something thrives in freezing weather is just so strange to me..) Anyway, I tried putting it outside and bam. Literally a few days later I was amazed. She woke up. And look now.. flourishing..

So what is your heart saying to you today? What we say flows from what’s inside our hearts. Are we in an environment where we are thriving? Or do we need to move things around and reposition ourselves from the things that can hinder and hold us back. It’s with our hearts we believe. So let us open them today.. It’s time to flourish. 🙂

Happy sunny sunny day!

nat x

Images – Natalie Box


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