Remember what Summer feels like?

As I was driving home last night in the rain, I stopped at the traffic lights and had a moment. I sat there waiting for the lights to go green, and watched the rain pelt down across the busy intersection and upon the umbrella-clad-Box-Hill-diners running desperately to avoid getting wet. I kind of slipped into a daze, (not a dangerous ‘I’m not focusing on the roads and I’m a liability to the other drivers around me’ kind of daze), but more like a brief imagining. 

Look, I know we’re only 17 days into Winter, but I sat there literally imagining what it would feel like if we were in Summer. Ah sweet, lovely Summer. I was there in my mind already.. the warm, balmy air after a scorcher of a day.. car windows down with a fresh breeze flowing.. funky tunes playing on the radio.. and suddenly, I could taste it. And it didn’t seem too far away after all.

Remembering releases hope. Remembering reminds us that what we have once experienced will be seen again. Just take a moment to remember what Summer feels like? What are you thinking about right now? Beach days.. Paddle Pops.. BBQ dinners outside.. beach bags stocked with mags, sarongs and sunscreen.. getting home from work when it’s still light outside.. Christmas.. not having to wear a jacket at night.. holidays.. fish and chips on the beach after work.. See! It really works hey!  🙂

I will remember the works of the Lord; yes I will remember your miracles of long ago. I will meditate on all your works and consider all your mighty deeds.

I believe remembering and being thankful for God’s faithfulness leads us in truth, gets our minds realigned, and releases Him to “do it again”.

I’m wearing a beanie as I type this. But, I am still thinking back to my Summer moment in the car last night and rest in the fact that it wont be long at all before I’ll be blogging about Summer. 

Happy Sunday my friends!

nat x 

Image – Natalie Box (Aspendale Beach)


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