Today I am thankful for…

Thankful For :: Rain.
I know we may not be in Paris, but I am thankful for the rain today. 🙂

Thankful For :: Colour in the midst of grey.
I found this little petal on the ground walking my niece to school yesterday morning. I love it’s bold colour, strikingly beautiful against the bleak grey concrete. And I love how it was just laying there, unaware of just how beautiful it was and how much of a difference it was making to it’s dreary surroundings. Let us be aware that we actually do this! Today we have been given the opportunity to bring beauty and light and truth into every situation we face.

Thankful For :: Family

This is my amazing Grandma, Beryl. She means the world to me and I adore her. She is full of wisdom, grace and she loves God with all her heart. I treasure our little catch ups, like this one we had just this morning. 🙂

Thankful For :: 
Beautiful books.
Books are timeless carriers of beauty. A five minute stroll through a bookstore is like being swept off your feet and taken into an ageless fairytale land of stories, adventures and beauty; where between each cover, of each book, on each shelf, from floor to ceiling.. are pages and pages filled with words written in love and with purpose. I just love thinking about the millions upon millions of hours of creativity that have been stirred up and poured out into the books that fill just one bookstore. Stunning.
Thankful For :: This little princess.
My niece Emily brings me so much joy. I am so proud of her. She is the most beautiful, strong, generous, creative, loving, kind-hearted little girl I’ve ever known, and I am so excited to see the incredible plan for her life unfold.

Thankful For :: Beauty in a pot.
This is my Grandma’s plant. She loves everything pink. It’s perched on her little outdoor table so she can look at it everyday through her window.

Thankful For :: Freedom purchased for me here.

Tell me.. what are you thankful for? 🙂

nat x

All images – Natalie Box apart from Paris in the Rain image

2 thoughts on “Today I am thankful for…

  1. I am sooo thankful we have a beautiful sunny summery day here in Oregon. All your posts about the beginning of winter were crazy to read as I was looking out at the beginning of summer yesterday. Of course it is supposed to be cold and rainy here tomorrow, but at least we've gotten two nice days 🙂

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