Gifts oozing prettiness.

This morning as I was packing my bags and preparing for a busy and exciting few days out and about, creative thoughts began flowing about what I would write today. I find that even if I don’t have the idea yet, when I sit down, open everything up and get ready to start typing.. the ideas usually begin to flow. Sometimes taking that step of faith, even when we don’t see what’s coming next, actually becomes the inspiration we need to move forward. 😉

I began typing and glanced down at the things around me.. each one just oozing prettiness. I smiled. Every piece of jewellery, the cute Eiffel Tower paper clip, the teapot (and the tea inside), even the laptop.. were all gifts from beautiful and generous friends. Again today, I am stirred to continue cultivating this atmosphere of thankfulness.. because if we really look around, there is heaps to be thankful for!

Here are some of the blogs I am loving at the moment..

What are your favourites?

nat x

Image – Natalie Box


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