Winter colour prettiness.

{How pretty are these shoes! Love the magenta with the teal green..}
{Mmm.. turquoise + gold = 🙂 }

{Even though it is technically not a colour.. I would still like this hat pretty please..}
{Peach just makes me very happy..}

Congratulations Southern Hemisphere.. we are almost 1/3 of our way through Winter.. yippee! And in this ‘cold-but-not-really-that-cold-compared-to-other-places-in-the-world’ weather.. I have found myself longing for colour. 🙂 

Today I am wearing red jeans (might post the outfit tmrw he he..) and as soon as I put them on I felt brighter. The sun is out today which is lovely and reminds me hope is here.

I’m off to Chapel Street to meet a friend from America this afternoon.. so I might pretend I am a tourist with her! Do you ever do that? I find when I play this little game it gives me fresh eyes, and a real appreciation for the amazing things around me that I often take for granted. 🙂

Have a fab day!

nat x

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