Interior Love :: Hamptons Holiday Home.

{Ok.. here’s a treat.. if you love the house on Something’s Gotta Give.. you’ll love this one..}

{Lovvvve all the different patterns and textures used here..} 

{Stunning.. are you captivated yet..?}
{Imagine a lazy weekend morning.. cooked hot brekky.. freshly roasted coffee and great family time..}{Bedroom by day..}{And by night..}{Movie time..}{The softness of the lamps and flowers is beautiful amidst this sea of dark wood and maroon..}
{Love the navy walls and white skirting boards.. Ideas would definitely flow at that desk..}

Are you blown away? What a stunning home by Portland Interior Designer Garrison Hulliger Interior Design Inc. Don’t you just want to load up the car and head up there this weekend?! Lottttts of pics on this blog, but they were all so beautiful don’t you think? I just couldn’t help adding so many! 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed them.. may you be inspired and filled with joy this weekend. I’m attending a baby shower and a birthday celebration, and of course church on Sunday! What are you up to? 

Have a fun weekend whatever you are doing. 🙂

nat x 

Woops, I had just planned to walk over to my sister’s house but it’s just started bucketing down rain! Lol.. I guess I’ll be driving now.. 🙂

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