A lovely surprise.

After attending a beautiful baby shower yesterday morning, I made my way across town to South Melbourne for a friend’s afternoon tea party. It was such a stunning afternoon, and I drove into South Melbourne quite chuffed with myself as I had almost an hour to spare. Imagine! (Best feeling ever don’t you agree?)

So I decided to grab a park and see if there were any cute shops nearby for me to wander through. As I reached over to grab my bag I looked up.. my heart smiled as I saw it right there in front of my very eyes.. the lovely Coventry Bookstore. Smile.. deep breath in.. nod with satisfaction.. annnnd exhale. 🙂
{Mmm.. Interiors section..}

{I read about this book the other day actually.. How To Decorate by Shannon Fricke..}
{On my list..}

{Ooh.. wouldn’t mind this one.. so fancy.. they were all wrapped in plastic..}
{I have Nomad, by Sibella Court.. given to me by a precious friend.}
Books are a blessing. Owning them is the best, but if you can’t own all of them (just imagine having an unlimited Book Depository account.. ah yes please..), simply reading them often brings just as much joy.  

There is much joy to be had today. Yes, good things are in store today. God’s mercies are new each day. So that means today is a fresh start. Annnnd, bonus.. it’s also a new month. So let us rejoice! Let us take the time to look up and see the surprise that’s in front of us. I wonder what yours will be. It’s amazing what’s released through an expectant heart. 

Happy Sunday!

nat x

PS.. After my fabulous effort arriving sooooo early and having sooooo much time.. after coming out of the bookshop I actually wasn’t able to find my keys! Frantically searching through my bag for what seemed like an eternity, I finally found them in a different pocket of my bag and ended up being “fashionably late” late to the afternoon tea.

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