Fashion Love :: Pastels and Gold.

{Love this mint green clutch against pale pink..}

{Turquoise, gold, pastel pink with sand.. great combo}
{Pale pink and cream crochet.. what a dream}

{Cute jacket..}
The weather has been so stunning the last few days hasn’t it? And yay for all these gorgeous pastel beauties. I feel like I’m coaxing Summer to come.. like a little dog or something.. come on Summer, you can do it, come on. He he..

I did some painting yesterday. I picked up some cute little canvases that were begging to be written on.. opened up my collection of favourite quotes and verses.. grabbed my paint brush.. squirted some paint, and off I went. What a joy it is to create. Don’t you think?  Don’t you just love that feeling of a blank page in front of you, beckoning you to fill it.

Whatever the blank page is in front of you today, be encouraged. You can fill it.

Have a fab day my lovelies. 🙂

nat x



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