6 ways to make someone’s day.

1. Call a beautiful friend and tell them you love them.. just because.
2. Type out a note and leave it in a colleague’s pigeon hole.
3. Buy someone a coffee and surprise them at their desk or doorstep.
4. Handwrite a card or letter and walk to the post box and personally mail it. 
Taking time to walk rather than drive puts more love into the letter I think. 🙂

5. Encourage someone you don’t know.
(Ie/ tell the girl on the checkout at the supermarket she is doing a great job!)

6. Pick some flowers from your garden and give them to a friend with a
handwritten note. 

Pleasant words are like honeycomb. They are sweetness to the soul and health to the bones. Encouraging someone is so easy to do. It makes a huge impact immediately, and is so powerful! Let us be on the look out for opportunities to encourage one another this week. 

Happy Monday! 🙂

nat x

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5 thoughts on “6 ways to make someone’s day.

  1. Thank you so much!! That is so lovely! It's just a blessing to be able to write it.. Yay!

    Have a great day girls!!


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