Behind the scenes.

Rain makes me think of all the things that are happening behind the scenes at the moment. Most of the trees are still bare, plants have been pruned, and gardens that are normally bursting with colour are still waiting to reveal their new wardrobe. But things are happening beneath the surface.
When you plant a seed in the right soil, it’s not really a question of if it will grow.. it’s just when. (And yes I know I am making the waiting time sound like a walk in the park with a lovely cup of French Earl Grey tea, which I know it is not.. but go with me on this one).

Things are not as they seem. Things happen under the soil.  Beneath the surface, it’s busy. The seed we cannot see is being equipped with everything it needs to be a strong, powerful, beautiful flower. In darkness it grows in strength and when the timing is right.. it blossoms perfectly and without limitation.
And so it is with us. You may be facing things that don’t make sense at the moment, but they will soon. And in the season of waiting, it’s a blessing to give. It’s like sowing a beautiful seed. And as we give, we will receive. Here are some seeds we can sow..

Help a friend move house..
Cook a meal for someone..
Give thanks for the small things..
Give someone a hand with their gardening..
Visit a grandparent..
Buy someone lunch..
Write words of encouragement..
Make someone a cup of tea..
Pray for someone..
Bake your mum banana bread..
Offer to clean someone’s house..

As we sow these precious gifts, our seed will return to us in full – pressed down shaken together to make room for more, running over and poured into our laps.

When we give, it plants a seed for breakthrough. Be encouraged, there are seeds you have planted that are growing rapidly beneath the surface. As much as we often dislike this season of winter and rain, there are billions of seeds under the ground at this very moment, slowly growing and building strength for a wonderful life. And it’s actually the very thing we often complain about, (rain) that is growing them, sustaining them and helping them to flourish.

What seed are you going to plant today? 

Have a lovely day my friends 🙂

nat x

Images – 1, 2, 3, 4.  


19 thoughts on “Behind the scenes.

  1. Oh I so love everything you write Miss Box! Need to encourage others to read your blog. What an inspiration and lift for the spirit! 🙂

  2. Aw thanks my friend.. I just read again and was re-encouraged! Taking Emmy out for an “adventure morning of surprises” this morning.. excited to be able to bless her with gifts and surprises today :):)

  3. I know.. I was so encouraged just picturing the little seeds under the surface working so hard even though no one can see them!! It was so precious!! Yep our God is BIGGER and He is working NOW!! 🙂 xxxx

  4. i love the second photo, so inspirational. I'm definitely gonna try out one of those tips you listed after the 3rd photo.

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