An invitation to believe.

Everyday we are given an invitation. An invitation to believe. Some of us receive more invitations than others. But everyday, somehow, somewhere along the course of our day, our faith will be tested and we will be challenged. Today at some point, you will stand at a crossroad. It might just be a teeny weeny crossroad that may seem insignificant, or maybe a situation in your life will rise up and stare at you square in the eyes, and you will need to decide.. what do I really believe?! 

We all long for something to hold onto. Whether it’s looking for comfort on a tough day, or longing for Someone to rejoice with when things are great and blessing is flowing. At the very core of our being, we know there is something greater than ourselves. And He’s handing out invitations.

So we are invited to believe.. that the seed we have sown will reap a beautiful harvest.. that the promises deep in our heart will come to pass.. that the relationship we are praying for will be restored.. that the loved ones we are covering in prayer will be healed.. and that in seasons of waiting, when it feels like nothing is happening, resting in trust is a powerful weapon.

First we were loved, now we love. He loved us first. 

When we know we’re loved, we can trust. And so the invitation has gone out. Regardless of what you believe, just know that today, YOU are loved and treasured beyond measure.

Bless you!

nat x

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