It IS growing.

When we plant something we don’t see it grow straight away. We put it in the soil and nothing looks any different right then and there. But things are different. The seed is growing. The minute we put a seed into good soil, cover it up, and surround it with fertile soil, it begins to grow.
And just like a butterfly can’t be forced out of it’s cocoon, timing is also paramount when seeds are growing. Wrapped up inside the bud of each tiny flower is everything it needs to grow and flourish and be all it’s called to be. 

And at just right time, after much patience and endurance, and with the applause of all the other plants and flowers around it, our beautiful new friend appears and introduces herself to the world! 

Take a look outside at a plant today. What a miracle! We take trees and flowers for granted don’t we! There they are, standing strong and beautiful, all around us. Thousands and thousands of miracles lining every street and filling every garden.

So it is with us. You are a miracle! And you have seeds of greatness inside of you! Sometimes we can wonder if these seeds inside really are growing? We may have overcome something, stepped up to a new level.. one moment we’re flying, and then all of a sudden the doubts come. Did you really overcome that? Are you really cut out for this? And the answer is a resounding YES!

So be encouraged! Every good tree bears good fruit. And you are a good tree! And you are loved! The seed that has been planted on the inside of you by your Creator is good! And it’s growing right now and bearing much fruit.

Happy Monday friends! 🙂

nat x 

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