Pink and gold loveliness.

Guess what?! It’s 24 days until Spring!! Yippeeeee!!! And oh my goodness, I think I am getting just tad excited about this! 🙂 The colour that comes to mind and that I am tottttally wanting to dress myself in from head to toe (well maybe just a splash for now) is this stunning fuschia pink! I have a fuschia dress from last season, and also a fuschia silk top which I lurrrve, but I think I may just need a few more items.. 🙂
Fuschia + faded denim + turquoise nails + gold accessories. Just fabulous.
And this is actually more of a coral, but still beautiful. Again with gold accessories, just stunning with a
pretty white dress.

And below. Pink top, pink phone, pink nails. Love it. 

Ok the countdown is onnnnn.. Can you feel it in the air! Something new is about to happen. And it isn’t a variation on the same old thing. No no! This is NEW, brand-new, something you’d never guess or dream up. Are you excited yet..?!?! 🙂

What is it you’re looking forward to most in this new season?!

nat x

Images – 1234,


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