Flourish where you are.

If I was a flower and I could choose anywhere in the world to would grow, it would be on a hill overlooking the ocean, or by a beautiful river, or in the manicured garden of a European palace. But not these poppies. They didn’t get a choice. But look at them! Growing strong, on a train track! What a precious example of life, standing faithfully, shining and flourishing in their beauty despite their position. 

My ears are filled with the sounds of promiseGood people will prosper like palm trees, grow tall like Lebanon cedars; transplanted to His courtyard, they’ll grow tall and flourish in the presence of God, even in old age they will still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green.

I love standing below palm trees and looking up at them. Apart from the fact they make me happy because they are the epitome of Summer, they are great symbols of strength. They bend in strong winds but don’t break, almost every part of them is incredibly useful, and my favourite palm tree characteristic: they continue to grow upwards even when they’re carrying the heaviest weights*. And look at these little cuties standing strong below, totally flourishing and stunning! 
You have the ability to shine wherever you are. You have SO much beauty in you and the world desperately needs it. So stand strong today, despite your location or situation.. and flourish where you are!

This is a desert covered in scorpion weed. It flowers once every few years. Stunning isn’t it.  Who would have thought something could flourish so beautifully in the desert. Well, it can. And I personally think some of the greatest beauty flows from us when we find ourselves in the middle of a ‘desert’.

So today let us smile, lift our eyes and make an effort to do this each and every morning…

Happy day everyone.. have a fabulous week!
Love to you all!

nat x

Image –  1, 2, 3, 4, 56, *.


One thought on “Flourish where you are.

  1. Love the fact that we will still flourish in old age….. that will be a loooong time away!
    beautiful blog:)
    Love your Mumma

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