Don’t grow weary.

Look at this little guy, so cute. He’s just sitting there still, faithfully waiting. I wonder what he is waiting for? Are you waiting for something at the moment? When we wait, we grow. So we are always growing something. Even if it feels like we are not, we are.
Whatever we feed grows. If we feed beauty and joy and hope, it grows. However, following the same principle – if we feed weariness, it grows.
Let us not be discouraged in the waiting. And let us see every day as a new chance at pressing in and continuing on in this great battle we are in. You are doing a great job!!

Sometimes it can be hard to even see the path we are on, let alone walk it. But let me assure you, whatever it is, wherever it is, it is beautiful. So today, make sure you stop and smell the roses. Ok?

We are doing well. We are doing a good job. We have come so far. So let us not grow weary in doing good, because the harvest is coming. And we have a God who is with us and who is cheering us on today. 🙂

Be encouraged!

nat x

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