There’s so much MORE.

My first word wasn’t mum. Or Dad. It was MORE. Yes, yes, granted it was generally based on food….ha ha. However, I believe that first declaration out of my mouth was more than just a random word. I think it was prophetic.

The definition of more: to have something in greater quantity, amount, measure, degree, or number.

The definition of thirst: to have a strong desire or craving for something,
(and you’re willing to do anything to get it).

As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God.
 I thirst for God, the living God.

Look at this guy. He has decided what he wants and he has gone after it! Do you ever have that feeling when you’re just not satisfied? It’s like, what you currently have is good, even great, but you just know there is so much MORE?! 
As frustrating as that feeling of dissatisfaction is, it’s a good thing! It pushes us to step out and reach for more. It forces us out of our comfort zone and into the unknown. And it brings us to that place of absolute desperation, that “I-seriously-can’t-take-another-day-living-on-this-level-I-just-need-more” hunger.
Look! And be utterly amazed! For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if someone told you about it! Hab 1:5

I believe this is our season! A new chapter. Chapter 2. God has sooo much more for us, we just have to ask, step out and receive it!

Have an awesome day friends! 🙂

nat x

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4 thoughts on “There’s so much MORE.

  1. That first line made me laugh out loud.. Good morning Natty! And thank you for always being such an encouragement at the start of the day 🙂

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