Thankfulness releases joy.

Close your eyes for five seconds. Go on. Count to five with your eyes closed and notice the darkness………. Pretty dark isn’t it? I do that sometimes when I am outside, and imagine what it would be like to not be able to see. No colours, no sky, no grass, no people. And pretty quick smart I am snapped out of whatever “mood” I might be in, and immediately awakened to the reality of the many extravagant blessings I hold. 
Over the past few days I’ve been reflecting on thankfulness. It really is one of the fastest ways I know to release joy. It’s such a simple thing to do, but yet when we find ourselves in a dark place, it’s often the last thing we think of doing. 🙂
Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances. 
Have you been thankful for your home today?
What about the food in your pantry? 
Or the use of your fingers? Or your legs?
Or the abundance of water running out of the tap when you simply turn the tap? 
Think about your family, where you would be without them? 
If you have a car, imagine being without it and how you’d get by?
If you catch the train, aren’t you glad you don’t have to walk?  
Are you thankful for your job? Think of the challenges you’d face if you lost it today? 
And think about the friends you can talk to over the phone because you have your hearing? 
These are some of the things we take for granted, but I guarantee that there are millions of people who would swap their circumstances in a heartbeat for some of the things we don’t even think about. 🙂 

The funny thing is I actually wrote this blog on Tuesday night but I couldn’t post it as my internet wasn’t working. Then yesterday (Wednesday) morning I parked my car and saw an sweet elderly gentleman with a stick walking towards me with his little pomeranian dog on the lead. I said hello as he came near me and he stopped and smiled, looking in my direction. He apologised for not being able to see me, telling me he was almost fully blind, and could only see light and shadows. I felt immediately felt the heart of God for this beautiful man. We had a lovely chat for about 15 minutes after which I prayed for him. After leaving him to finish his walk I felt the weight of realisation hit me – this beautiful man is out walking and making the most of life, even though he can’t see. I need to look around and recognise the many blessings that surround me in each moment. I have nothing to complain about. And everything to be thankful for.
Bless you heaps. 🙂 nat x

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2 thoughts on “Thankfulness releases joy.

  1. You just gave me tingles my friend! Love you and this blog….seriously can't stop raving. Want to so it doesn't seem over the top, but I just can't! It's too good. I'm thankful for you and it! So very much! BIG LOVE xxx

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