View from the top.

This, my lovely friends, is a New York brownstone. Ah… so pretty don’t you think. Oh so lovely to look at, and most likely even better from the inside. Some of these are apartments, some are houses in their own right, and there they stand lined up neatly in a row gracing some of New York’s finest streets. However… as pretty as they are to look at, they just don’t compare with this view….

Ah New York. How I love you. There’s something about looking from above isn’t there? It’s breathtaking. And as gorgeous as the street view is, from above you can see the big picture. You can’t see any rubbish from up here. You can’t hear the traffic from up here. You can’t smell the car engines from up here. You’re not struggling to walk through the busy midtown crowds up here. Up here it’s quiet, you can see clearly, there are no shadows, you see the BIG picture, and it’s peaceful. Very peaceful.
Lately I’ve noticed areas of my life I been viewing from street level. They’re just normal everyday things, but they have been trying their very best to distract and vy for my attention. But God has a different perspective. 🙂 Where we are governed by time, finances, health and other things often beyond our control.. God lives outside of time. 
We are SEATED in heavenly places. Not seated on the ground, seated in heaven, next to Jesus. So let us lift our eyes today. As we do this, our circumstances appear smaller and smaller, enabling us to see the BIG picture. Everyday I am stirring myself to see from an eternal perspective, to choose the view from high above rather than the street view. And I tell you what, it’s working. 🙂

Have the best day ever!

nat x

Images – 1, 2, 3, 4.


3 thoughts on “View from the top.

  1. Amen!! It is incredible what a slight perspective change can bring. May I learn continuously not to focus on what I don't have, but to focus on all I have, blessings and favour! He is so very good to us!!

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