In the eye of the beholder.

I first fell in love with New York City when I was a little girl. Then, thirteen years ago, as my dear friend and I explored the sights and sounds of this captivating city, we knew it was  something that would change and inspire us forever. A few weeks ago she lent me a stunning documentary and yesterday I watched it. The film: “Bill Cunningham New York“. 
To say I was inspired is an understatement. A man of beauty and grace, this 83 year old New York Times fashion photographer and journalist, full of passion and enthusiasm, has been capturing the beauty he witnesses on the streets of New York City for over three decades. 
Sounds kinda like something else I have read before…

We all perceive things differently. Some are inspired by art, some by music, others by design, people, the list is endless. Our eyes are made up of so much more than a pupil, a lens, a retina and all the many other intricacies that make up this incomprehensible mechanism with which we see — it’s so much more than that. It’s not about what we see, it’s about what we see. 🙂

What do you see? Everything is beautiful in its time.. so what is beauty to you? With so many different opinions and ideas of what is beautiful, who wins? And how do we decide? Who judges and comes up with the answer? Well, the answer is, everyone is a winner. Everyone’s view of beauty is different, unique and important. Tell me, what was the most beautiful thing you saw over the weekend?

nat x

PS – highly recommend you watch this documentary!
Images ~ 123, 45.


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