Friday Fashionista // Fabulous Fuschia.

Happy Friday ladies and gents.. how has your week been? Personally I think yesterday was a little too cold for my liking.. thank goodness the temperature is increasing today and over the weekend! Today we are looking at Fuschia! So so sit back and enjoy.. 🙂
Love it how the fuschia just pops against the yellow.
Boys.. time to get your fuschia on!
Oh Cameron. Great colour for you.
What else would you be waiting for the tram dressed in?
Puffy skirt. Fun!
And time for a dance.. 🙂
How perfect is this little one!! Amazing!
 Fuschia Audi anyeone??
With gold the colour just pops. So pretty. So how are you going to experiment with fuschia over the weekend? Let me know! And have a beautifully creative day!

nat x

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Interior Love // Crooning over coastal.

Hi Thursday friends.. well Coastal beach decor is what we are talking about today. My absolute favourite. I have tried the best I can to turn my house into a ‘coastal-feels-like-I’m-on-holiday’ retreat, it doesn’t quite look like this one above. Yet. This is Ralph Lauren’s Jamaica holiday home. Stunning isn’t it?
Dark wood. Yes.
Perfect spot for an afternoon break..
Ah those French doors..
Candles + flowers + starfish + teak wood. Perfect and fun.
Imagine a night under the stars lying here..
And THIS is my next house!
One solitary flower in a bottle brings so much beauty don’t you think?
Grey bedroom..
Blue bedroom..
And just the right amount of lanterns to make evvvverything pretty 🙂
I saw this and I just loved it. So rustic. He’s rejoicing over you with singing today. 🙂 Well I hope you enjoyed the coastal fabulousness of each of these pics. I think I will have to do another one soon as I took sooooo long choosing which pics to put in !!! 

Happy happy Thursday…..

nat x

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Book Sneak Peek :: ‘The Resident. The Tourist’.

When was the last time you went somewhere new? Last week I was reminiscing about my travels. It’s been a while now since I’ve travelled, not gone on a holiday.. travelled. There is a big difference. And every time I work on my coffee table book, it stirs up my passion to go somewhere new again. My book is coming along well.. it’s a tale of life, travel, beauty and adventure.. full of stories and inspirations of the many of the different cities I have lived in and been to. I’d like to say I am like this girl when I travel.. but unfortunately not. Well, not yet anyway.
Below is an excerpt from my book describing the first time I arrived at Hong Kong airport. It was October 2003 and this place was to be my home for four months.

Excerpt from ‘2 Hours on an Aeroplane’:

“The plane touched town smoothly, and after disembarking I joined the hundreds of others following the signs to baggage claim. Hong Kong International Airport is like a space station. Slick, shiny and organised. Apparently I had landed at a gate (one of hundreds actually) which was so far away it required a train ride to reach the main part of the airport.

You can pick a Hong Kong tourist from a Hong Kong resident a mile away. The tourist: slightly nervous and excited, eyes darting from sign to sign clutching bags whilst holding maps and cameras, wandering slowly and somewhat peacefully, as opposed to the latter. The resident: the fast-paced, super power-walker, zooming at top speed past said tourists, straight towards the baggage area they know so well. Their aim: to clear customs and be on their bus home within 20 minutes of leaving their seat on the plane. I would soon become the resident, walking confidently through the airport; but for that moment in time, I was most definitely the tourist. I felt like one of a thousand cattle being ushered into a yard. All of a sudden my stomach was full of butterflies. I was here.”

How much FUN!! I get excited just thinking about it ha! So.. I have decided, I have to travel this year. I am not sure where, or how, or when.. but at some point this year I just have to pack my bags and head overseas somewhere new!!
Where do you want to travel? Where would you just LOVE to go? If I gave you 10K and said you could head off anywhere for any length of time, where would you go? Okay, now write it down and keep declaring it and you will get there!

Happy Tuesday my friends..

nat x
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Glimmer of hope.

I love this picture. Only a glimmer of sunlight. Just a twinkle of hope. Only a tiny piece of light promising more to come.. but when you look at this, you know. You know the full promise of the entire day is wrapped up in that one little speck of sunlight.
And  then.. more comes. And so it is with us, as we fix our eyes on the Hope that is before us, we begin to see the evidence of things happening before our very eyes.. and then finally, the promise appears. 🙂
Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, 
for He who promised is faithful!

I’m standing and believing with you for everything you are hoping for. 🙂 
Good things are coming!!!! Have a happy Monday!

nat x

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Friday Fashionista :: Turquoise.

Happy Friday my friends! How’s your week been? I spent yesterday writing a few more chapters of my coffee table book yesterday (which I will share a speak peek of on Monday’s blog..) And I’ve also been busily wrapping my sister’s gifts, it’s her birthday today! I’m taking her out for a day of surprises.. 🙂 So today’s Friday Fashionista theme is Turquoise. I think out of all the images in this post, the photo above is my absolute favourite. 🙂 I just love the tie-die-ish feel of the skirt, which matches perfectly with the pale latte shirt and clutch. And…. I reeeeealllllyyyy want that necklace.
The Duchess of Cambridge with her Prince. Classy, sophisticated and elegant.
I have a dress in this shade of turquoise.. I wore it to a wedding last month and it was very fun.
I love how the silver just pops against this colour., and that mirror.. gorgeous!
For the boys.. would you wear this?
Matchy matchy..
Perfect twirling outfit.
And another one for the boys.. Ferrari’s make me think of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!
Well hello, this just makes me happy.
I really love this ring.. and the wallet.. And the tiny little coloured tips of these shoes – just so pretty!

Mint and turquoise (well it’s more of a teal). But still.. absolutely stunning.
I hope you have a happy happy Friday and a wonderful weekend – yippee to the hot weather continuing! Have an inspired weekend.. and do something creative okay?!

nat x

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Interior Love :: Col delle Noci Italian Villa

Hi friends.. How are you all? How’s your week been so far? I’m loving this weather.. are you a Summer person or do you prefer it a little bit cooler? So, I know this Interior Love feature isn’t technically all “interior” decor, but hey, when we’re talking an Italian Villa, it doesn’t really matter hey. Today I thought we would have a look at the property and interior of Col delle Noci Italian Villa in Umbria, Italy. (The pic above is technically not part of Col delle Noci, but I just had to include it because it is soooo stunning, I’m sure you’ll agree).

So this is Col delle Noci. Terracotta pots overflow with green goodness, as lush green vines hug the trellis. Just imagine sitting here on a warm afternoon, enjoying the view.

Andddd.. stunning.

Imagine cooking in here – talk about inspired!
From the living room looking into the kitchen.. (love the island bench)

And from the kitchen looking to the dining and lounge rooms..
Imagine waking up to that view each morning..
And then taking a relaxing bath here.. 
And then a little afternoon tea on the patio..
How gorgeous right?! Enjoy your day whatever you are doing!
nat x

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How cute is this? It’s so true though! Every day should be our favourite day.
And guess what? Something exciting and significant is going to happen to YOU today! There has never before been a day like today and there never will be again. Are you ready for it? 
What are you expecting? What are you imaging?!
eep your eyes open wherever you go, because today is a day of surprises!

nat x

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5 Minute Vacation :: Hvar, Croatia

Hi everyone, Happy Monday! 🙂 How was your weekend? Well it’s boiling hot here in Melbourne (which I am loving of course) so I thought this place would totally suit today’s 5 Minute Vacation location :: Hvar, Croatia. I’ve been so inspired about Croatia after doing some write-ups for Spectrum Holidays‘ Dalmatian Coast and Turkey Tour. So are you ready? Off we go..
You’ll arrive on the beautiful island of Hvar on one of these stunning yachts..
And head straight out for lunch and to relax in the sun..
Take a stroll through a stunning local garden..

And wander the charming streets..
Before sailing to a secluded spot..
To relax here and watch the sunset. How STUNNING!
Then you’ll wander along the harbour..
Before having dinner at your hotel, Hotel Amfora. 🙂 So… who’s keen to go to Hvar?! I hope you enjoyed and have a happy Monday!

nat x

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Permission to soar.

Let me ask you a question. When do you feel like you are soaring? Can you remember a time when you felt so free, so full of rest, so peaceful, and just overflowing with joy? It might have been a while since you have felt like that.. or you may be blessed to feel like it all the time. What about dreams? Do you have dreams inside your heart that are waiting to be awakened? It can sometimes be tempting to give up on the things in our hearts. It can, at times, feel like they will never come to pass. BUT… those deep desires buried down on the inside of us have been personally placed there by our great and loving God, and guess what.. today is the day to stir them up. 
You have permission to soar. 

So go for it. I’m cheering you on. 🙂

nat x

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What are you magnifying?

It was such a beautiful morning yesterday; the sun was shining and as I was walking through the park, although the scenery was stunning, thoughts were buzzing through my head. To do lists.. planning for this.. thinking about that.. and all of a sudden I was feeling slightly overwhelmed. As I was stressing over my problems, they were increasing in size! Even the tiniest things become huge when we magnify them..

Look at this little guy.. the detail in his spots just astounds me!
When we magnify things, they get bigger. So as I was focusing on these negative thoughts, they were beginning to fill my mind and cause unnecessary stress. So, I decided to focus on and magnify the good thoughts about me. 

What are you magnifying today? This is a picture of sand, magnified 250 times its size. Isn’t it beautiful?
Magnifying gives us eyes to see
As we magnify the One who created everything, our focus shifts from ourselves and we see from a different perspective. And it’s also here in this place that all sorts of hidden beauty within us will be revealed. It’s time!!

Happy Tuesday! 🙂

nat x 

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