Up and away.

What is it about hot air balloons that are so magical? Whenever I see them in the sky (the prerequisite of course being that you have to actually be up that early in the morning!) I always have the same childlike reaction. 
It doesn’t matter how many times I have seen them soaring through the crisp morning air,
they never cease to create such a sense of awe and delight.
Floating majestically through the air, a wonderful sense of  hope and expectation 
arises as the sun appears, declaring the miracle of a new day.
It’s funny, I always thought hot air balloons went up before dawn for the sole purpose of seeing the sunrise. This is true, however there is another reason. They need cool, stable winds to fly, and directly after sunrise is the best time for this. 
Another amazing thing is that hot air balloon pilots are not permitted to directly steer the balloon. The only thing they can determine is the height at which the balloon flies, and then.. they must let the wind do all the work. 
What a beautiful analogy this is. Sometimes our circumstances might not look right, the mountains may appear huge, everything around us might be dark and cold, and at times it may look like we can’t even get off the ground; but just as hot air balloon pilots follow the guidance of the wind, things can tend to be a lot easier for us if we simply take a step back and…

Have the best day today knowing that you are amazing. And that you are equipped for every good work. 
So be encouraged… this is your season of soaring!

nat x

Images – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 67.


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