Interior Love :: Southampton Beach House.

Happy Thursday my lovely friends! How has your week been so far? I went to the South Melbourne Market on Saturday and stocked up on SO much fresh fruit and vegetables.. so much so that six days later, my fridge is still overflowing. Seriously, how good is a full fridge?! This week I baked this scrumptious Roast Chicken with Pear, Pistachio & Cranberry Stuffing. Soooo YUM! You should totally try it. Anyway.. to today’s post.. I thought we’d all head to stunning Southampton, NY. What do you think?!

Here’s the house..

Every kitchen needs TWO chandeliers. Right?

Oh those bookshelves..
And you’ll all love the fire pit in the backyard.. (I’ll bring the marshmallows)
And this little reading nook..

Here’s the sunroom.. very relaxing..
And hello. What a bathroom! French doors + an outdoor shower. Fabulous.

Room with a view..
And pretty framed entranceways welcome you.. 
And then.. you’ll end up here. How gorgeous!
So happy Thursday friends.. I pray your day is wonderful and full of joy!


nat x

Images – 12, 345, 6789, 10, 11.


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