You are loved.

Hi guys, happy Tuesday! Hope your week has been a great so far. This blog is just a little note to inspire your day today, and let you know that you are loved!

When we know we are loved, we are not afraid. Think about when little kids are crying on their first day of school, as soon as they know their mummy or daddy is there, protecting them and cheering them on, their fear goes. The same goes with us. When we know we have Someone protecting us and cheering us on.. we can do ANYTHING

The reason I started today’s blog by telling you that you are loved, was so you would have the courage to step out, to take a risk and to fly. Whatever is in your heart to do, there’s nothing to fear, because…

So go for it today. Try something new. There is nothing to fear and nothing to lose! Cos guess what…?

Have a lovely day. 🙂

nat x

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