A new season awaits.

Hello ma dears! How are you! After seven weeks of travel and adventure through Canada, Alaska and the United States, I am excited to be back here writing yippee 🙂 And after one week of “I’m pretending I’m not jetlagged but let’s be honest.. hello.. I totally have jetlag“, I am beginning to feel slightly normal woo hoo! This is how I have been feeling most of this week… (yawn) :-/

Slightly exhausted! Well, when you think about it… after travelling 40 hours westward from NYC, who wouldn’t feel a little wiped out! Anywayyyyyy… take a look at these pretty petals above. I snapped them yesterday — how I adore Magnolias. Faithful little friends, year after year they are the first to flower, releasing their beautiful bright pink blossom into the dreary, winter sky. And now everywhere we look, there they are! In full bloom, they sprout in abundance, reminding us that a new season is officially here! 

Ah sweet Brooklyn Bridge. I took this summery pic a few weeks ago in New York. Hooray for blue skies and warm air! And it’s coming our way too! So as we enter this new season, let us focus on forgetting what is behind and straining towards what we know is ahead of us. It’s time to dream! A new season awaits you today, and I want to challenge you. Write out five things you are believing for in this new season…. and I will agree with you that they will come to pass! Deal?

Have the best Tuesday ever!

nat x

Images – Flowers & Brooklyn Bridge (Natalie Box) and Eyelashes 


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