5 Minute Vacation :: The Beach.

Hi friends welcome to Monday! Today we’re off to the beach 🙂 How was your weekend? Well if you were in Melbourne, I’m sure you would have adored the “what the heck it’s 25 degrees ‘winter’ weather” on Saturday! How exciting hey.. it’s finally spring wahoo! Not that I can really complain after spending seven weeks in the Canadian and US summer he he 😉 How cute is this chair below? I have decided that either brand new or rustic like this old one, I most definitely need one of these for summer….. 🙂 Have you got one?
What’s on for your week? Anything fun on?! I am teaching singing today which I lovvvvve. I’m getting my students ready for our musical in three weeks, and I tell you what, there are some stunning voices I have the privilege of training — if you’re in Melbourne on Thurs 19th Sept you have to come! Email me here for more info 🙂 So anyway, now that we are officially in Spring, what a perfect opportunity to take a walk (or ten), relax, stop.. and smell the roses. (Well technically there aren’t any roses in this pic below… but you know what I mean.)
How stunning is this little street.  
Doesn’t it just make you feel sooooo relaxed? Take me there now……
And this, my friends, is where we will spend our afternoon today after a hard morning’s work… how does that sound?!? 

H a p p y   M o n d a y   p e e p s 🙂 

love nat x

PS… tell someone they look pretty today 😉
Images – 1, 2, 3, 4. 

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