Inspired to Dream.

Tuesday 5:30pm: It’s Tuesday night and I am preparing this post for tomorrow’s blog. I am about to go and meet a good friend for dinner, but I have created the title and planned the outline of what I wanted to say in advance. Not because I already know exactly what I’m going to say… but what I do know is that my dear friend and I will be chatting about all things fabulously creative and wonderful, and that I will come away feeling inspired and encouraged, and fulllllllllll of creativity!
And guess what…. I did. 🙂 So now it’s 11:59pm and I am completing this post after arriving home from a great girly chat, full of inspiration, and overflowing with creativity (just like I knew I would be!) Isn’t that cool? There’s a lesson or two here I think. #1. The power of expectation is incredible. It’s a breeding ground for creative miracles. So even the fact that I was “expecting to be inspired” is such a powerful thing! I am trying to train myself to think more like this every day. And also…#2. We need to be actively awakening the dreams inside our hearts!!!! God put them there for us to discover and awaken. So………. my dear friends, let us be encouraged to…
So today, let us be inspired to remember those dreams we had when we were little… 
And STIR them up!!!
It’s TIME to dream! 

Have the best day 🙂
nat xx


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