Friday Fashionista :: { Bit of Boho }

Hi friends.. happy happy Friday! I thought being Friday and all, I’d do a chilled out, casual style… so Boho, welcome to Friday Fashionista. 🙂 Ah look at this Ralph Lauren bag above… seriously STOP it!
How cute is this white dress
The Queen of Boho… Nicole Richie.

And again here

Great view from the back of the van..
Love this summery look‘s pic of cute bracelets…
And Boho Glam Ralph Lauren does it again… 
Summer vibes… 
How fun was that 🙂 The above image is from the beautiful Blair Eadie from So I’m all inspired to be all boho/beachy… now the weather just needs to catch up!! Anyway, have an amazing weekend of fun… I was chatting with a girlfriend yesterday about just having more fun with our lives, creating fun things to do and just not being so busy. So this weekend, let’s all endeavour to plan something FUN. What are you going to do? My weekend is still open, which is such a nice feeling. So I will let you know! Have a wonderful weekend and keep dreaming… because those dreams are already part of God’s plan! How exciting. Happy weekend guys. 🙂

love nat xx

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