Miracles can happen.

Welcome to Monday ma’ friends! It’s a brand new week. Ah… isn’t it the best feeling to start fresh? Like turning the page of a new chapter, or starting a fresh journal (ah how good does that feel?!) or one of my all time favs, getting a new diary for the year! Or what about buying all new stationary? Ah love it. So what is it about starting fresh that feels so good? Well, it gives us renewed hope. And it’s with hope that we believe. 🙂
The other day I found a little note I had handwritten about six months ago, it was a “Miracle List” of some things I was believing for. As I held it in my hand my eyes almost couldn’t believe what I was reading. I realised that four of these five items had come to pass (and they were not small things!) Overflowing with thankfulness for God’s amazing provision, my hope was stirred as I proceeded to write a new “Miracle List”, declaring all the things I am believing for now.
I wrote this list four days ago and stuck it on my wall. In just four days, already two things off the list of six have come to pass. Oh my goodness! God is so faithful and is SO excited to surprise us! Let me encourage you today, dare to believe for that crazy dream to come true! Whatever it is, from personal provision to family reconciliation, from a creative dream to a secret desire of your heart… it’s important to God, and HE wants to bring it to pass. As a matter of fact, He has it all wrapped up and ready for you! 
So guys, my challenge for you today is to write a “Miracle List”. List down six things you are believing for, and stir your faith. I promise you, as we expect surprises from our Heavenly Dad, these things are  going to happen! Are you ready?

love nat x

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