The gift of friendship.

So I’ve been thinking… sometimes I don’t really realise how precious friendship is, until I actually hang out with one of my friends. This may sound silly, but bear with me. We are living in the fastest growing technological age the world has ever seen. We are spending more time on our iPhones and iPads and less time with our friends and family. But when we finally stop (put our phones away) and spend quality time with a friend… it’s actually amazing. 🙂
You know that feeling you get after you’ve had a really good chat with your friend, you jump in the car to drive home and you suddenly realise you’re beaming? You know what I mean?! Well that is God’s gift of encouragement to us! He’s all about relationships, so this is one of His ways of blessing and encouraging us. He sends us a personalised present… all wrapped up inside a person. And there’s more where that came from today my friends! 
Today I’m going to purposely think about the friendships I have, and how they bless me. Wanna join me? If so, this is our challenge for today:
1. Think of 5 friends that make you feel totally joyful when you hang out with them..
2. Write down those names..
3. Call, email or SMS them to let them know just how thankful you are for them and how special they are to you… 🙂

Love Nat x


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