Wake with joy.

Thankfulness shifts things. Have you ever had a day where you’re feeling sorry for yourself? Maybe you’re sulking with your very best pout, (I’m sure none of you reading this blog have ever felt like that, he he…) then suddenly, something captures your attention. It might be something small; like tiny, pretty pink wildflowers poking out of the concrete on the side of the road, or a baby’s giggle, or perhaps it might be a elderly gentleman you’ve helped in the supermarket. Whatever’s happening, begin to thank God for it, let loose, and wait for that joy to come.
There is ALWAYS something we can be thankful for. 🙂 Just stop, even now. Have a look around you. Have a think. Imagine not being able to see? Or hear, or walk, or live. It’s almost unfathomable. We have SO much to be grateful for. What if, over the next few weeks, we purposed in our hearts to wake up each morning, and even before we open our eyes, to be thankful, and position ourselves for the day. All it takes from you is eight little words.
It’s true! And what a great time of year to release our joy. Even when sometimes we might feel like we’ve misplaced our joy, it’s not a surprise to him. He’s always got more for us! “In His presence there is fullness of joy”.
God is trying to get your attention today. He’s got surprises for you! Will you receive them? Imagine you’ve prepared a gift for someone, and you’re waiting excitedly for them to arrive so you can give it to them… well this is what our heavenly dad has done for us today! 
So start the day afresh now: close your eyes, 
think of something you can be thankful for… and wake with JOY.

love nat xox

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