Joy is the Benchmark.

How’s your joy level today? On a scale of 1 – 10… what number would you say it would be? 10…? 8…? Maybe lower? Well I’ve been thinking a lot about joy lately. I don’t really think we are living up to our ‘true joy potential’… and quite frankly, I want more!
So I have decided to redefine joy in my life. It’s no longer a luxurious experience, enjoyed infrequently and randomly. Not no no… I have decided that joy is as normal as breathing, and there’s plenty of it going around. Joy is our benchmark.
Definition of bench-mark: (n). 
‘The point of reference from which a measurement may be made’. 
And everything flows from joy. 🙂
Joy isn’t an unachievable goal hidden away from us on a top shelf somewhere. It’s how God created us to live, and walk and experience life every day. It’s the BENCHMARK. It’s the minimum. And there’s actually more available than we think…
Think about a time when you have felt overwhelmed with joy. Go through it in your mind. Have you got it?! Well that feeling… that is your normal! So start expecting it. Abundant means ‘to exist in plentiful supply, to be present in great quantity, and to be abounding’. So, if God has promised us ‘life more abundantly’, then abundance is what it shall be!’
So what’s stopping us? We need to renew our minds and change our benchmark. 
JOY is your normal from now on. And remember…
So each morning you get a brand new fresh batch. I’ve actually just written an article about joy in the latest edition of Christian Woman Magazine, entitled 5 Ways to Be Refreshed By Joy This Christmas… feel free to have a little ‘squiz’ if you like? Have a wonderful ‘joy-filled’ Wednesday my friends!

7 sleeps to go…. hooray for Christmas 🙂

love nat xx

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Friday Fashionista :: { Christmas Party Glamour }

Well the time has come, it’s officially Christmas Soiree Season how exciting! Today on Friday Fashionista, it’s all about Christmas Party GlamourAnd rather than making your festive get togethers ‘just like any other party’, why not make them a more little special and invite your guests dress up this year. So grab your coffee and sit back, because these stunning festive party attire ideas will ensure you’re all set for this season’s Christmas events. 
Cartier‘s famous holiday exterior, just to get you in the mood…
Okay, the invitations are out, so next step: planning the outfit. 
Now, no jeans please… that’s right it’s Christmas Glamour all the way. 
These guys are all ready to go… And ladies, here’s a little ‘inside info’ below 
on holiday party etiquette. Enjoy!
Excerpt taken from Glamour, December Edition, 1956.
Love this glam outfit… we’re channelling Cameron Diaz in The Holiday.
Tux for the boys… long and sparkly for the girls.
Always looking the part… Jackie O, lighting her Christmas candles.
Can you just imagine this room filled with black tie dressed guests…. divine!
HIS =  suit + red bow tie = very Christmassy!
HERS = Classic and elegant 
red dress + black stilettos.
A few platters of scrumptious delicacies, suits for the boys and of course pretty dresses for the girls… and you’re set! Love the look of this 50’s christmas party.
Or perhaps you need an outfit or an elegant and sophisticated soiree…
Guys, this top hat is brilliant.
Love this simple, sparkly number.
Dressed to the nines and ready to dance the night away.
Now THIS is how every girl should trim the tree.
Even city shopping can call for festive attire… Much more fun and classy don’t you think?
These boys are all set… very slick.
Cute pastels and bright flowers
So whatever you decide wear this holiday season, let it be sparkly, fabulous and fun! How magical is this divine illustration above? Have a wonderful day filled with hope, joy and love.

Happy weekend my friends!

love nat x

Thank you, thank you.

“Thanks”. “Thank you”. Think about those words. It’s such a simple phrase isn’t it? “Thank you”. We say it a all the time don’t we? But when we actually stop and think about it, those two words carry quite a lot. They’re weighty. They shift things. And they change atmospheres. 
Thanking lifts our thinking. 
It changes our focus. And it releases hope.
And so when our focus is changed…
Things that worried us before, suddenly don’t worry us anymore. 🙂
Did you know your thanks can release hope today? So what can you be thankful for? 
How about for wonderful friends…
For miraculous beauty quietly growing in every garden you pass by…
For special family moments…
For craziness and laughter…
 For encouragement from a friend… 
There is soooooo much we can be thankful for… we just have to stop and think about it. 🙂 So as we prepare to celebrate the event that transformed all of history as we know it, let us lift up our thanks and magnify Jesus over absolutely everything. As we focus on him, the author and perfecter of our faith, he gathers up our thanks and releases fresh HOPE over us. 🙂
This is your inheritance today. Hope. 🙂 Have a beautiful day friends. And let me know if you have requests for Friday Fashionista tomorrow! I have a new comments system (yippee finnnnnnally so sorry it’s taken so long!) so feel free to have a chat!! (If you’re reading this in your email just click on the blog title to leave a comment).

Much love to you… nat x

ps ~ 2 weeks to go!!!

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Tis the Season . . . to Rest.

Hi friends 🙂 I hope you are all good!! Happy Wednesday! 
Hooray it’s the 4th of December… which means, 20 sleeps to go yay! 
Have you got your tree up now? If you haven’t quiiiiiick, it’s already December 4!

So how have you been feeling lately? It’s a bit busy isn’t it! He he… I was talking to a girlfriend of mine last night and we were both thinking how crazy it is that we’ve been finding ourselves at 10:30 at night, with a whole list of things we need to do! So… I have taken a little stocktake of everything I’m doing at the moment, and have decided make a few changes to create . . . . . .  s  p  a  c  e   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I just figured, I want to actually enjoy this Christmas season! I don’t want to be bombarded with a bazillion things to do (most of which I quiet often create myself by the way) and then feel the pressure of it all! Hello?! No no no. Instead of busyness there is calm. Instead of noise there is quiet.
So one of the changes I have felt to make is with the blog. For this holiday season I’ll be doing a weekly blog post, rather than my regular Monday, Wednesday, Friday posts. This will enable me to spend lots more time with family and friends, which I absolutely love doing this time of year. So… he he, you won’t actually know when the blog is coming, but it will be a BIG surprise in your inbox when it comes!!!!
So that’s what I am working on in my life at the moment. Creating space… Which makes room. And when we have room… that’s where God can move and breathe and release his life-giving rest and creativity!
So let me inspire you… do a little stocktake of everything you are doing and see if you’d like to create some extra space this season. You might be fine and loving everything you are doing… or you might just like an extra dose of calm and quiet. So if that’s you, here you go! 🙂

Have a wonderful day my friends! I hope everyone’s week is full of encouragement, love and joy as we step into this most wonderful time of the year“!
love nat xx
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