Thank you, thank you.

“Thanks”. “Thank you”. Think about those words. It’s such a simple phrase isn’t it? “Thank you”. We say it a all the time don’t we? But when we actually stop and think about it, those two words carry quite a lot. They’re weighty. They shift things. And they change atmospheres. 
Thanking lifts our thinking. 
It changes our focus. And it releases hope.
And so when our focus is changed…
Things that worried us before, suddenly don’t worry us anymore. 🙂
Did you know your thanks can release hope today? So what can you be thankful for? 
How about for wonderful friends…
For miraculous beauty quietly growing in every garden you pass by…
For special family moments…
For craziness and laughter…
 For encouragement from a friend… 
There is soooooo much we can be thankful for… we just have to stop and think about it. 🙂 So as we prepare to celebrate the event that transformed all of history as we know it, let us lift up our thanks and magnify Jesus over absolutely everything. As we focus on him, the author and perfecter of our faith, he gathers up our thanks and releases fresh HOPE over us. 🙂
This is your inheritance today. Hope. 🙂 Have a beautiful day friends. And let me know if you have requests for Friday Fashionista tomorrow! I have a new comments system (yippee finnnnnnally so sorry it’s taken so long!) so feel free to have a chat!! (If you’re reading this in your email just click on the blog title to leave a comment).

Much love to you… nat x

ps ~ 2 weeks to go!!!

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