Something wonderful is about to happen :)

Hooray :):) It’s Friday friends! How has your weekend been? 
I am actually pretty exhausted from all the socialising I have been doing… how hilarious! 
There’s just so much to do! From watching the tennis at Fed Square, to the Moonlight Cinema… coffees on Lygon Street to fish ‘n’ chips and late night beach fun, to walking around ‘the tan’ and meandering through streets… it’s been so fun, but at the same time I kinda think I may need to rest ha!! The weekend is almost here, and I would love to encourage you to do something today. You may in fact do this already, or you may do it later in the day – but these are the words  I am putting in front of myself today… care to join me?
 Anything can happen. AS in… ANY-THING.
And all it takes is a moment. In one moment, something can happen. 
In one moment, everything can change.
So be ready for it, expect it… and thank God for it. 

love Nat xo

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