5 Minute Vacation :: The Grand Del Mar ~ San Diego

Hello my loverlies… happy Tuesday to you! How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything exciting? Well “5 Minute Vacation” is back (by popular demand!) so I thought this would be fun. Have you been travelling anywhere fun lately? If so share your travel ideas with us!! I am getting just a teeeeny bit excited because in less than 6 weeks three friends and I are getting on a plane and heading to England for our beautiful friend’s wedding! Very exciting! I got the invitation in the mail today (squeallll!!!) 

If you are not travelling anywhere soon, never fear… because guess what? Today, we are heading somewhere fabulous. And it’s not just ‘anywhere”. No sirrrrreeeee… we are going staying at gorgeously divine Grand Del Mar San Diego. Hello. Just look at this place. Wowee. So off you go… pack your bags and I’ll meet you at the airport. 😉 Here she is everyone… xx

Now on arrival, you’ll enter in through the lobby…

You’ll head straight to your suite… That’s right peeps, your suite.

Here’s your private lounge area…

And second lounge area here in case the first one wasn’t large enough… 😉

You’ve got perfect views of the gardens…

From every angle the view is spectacular…

Before dinner you’ll have a quick drink on the balcony…

Followed by a sunset stroll…

Then head to the dining room for dinner…

Where you’ll of course have your own private dining room…

In the morning you’ll have breakfast on the terrace…

Then lounge by the pool allllllllll day…

Then in the afternoon you’ll have a massage at the day spa…

Then you’ll repeat these activities every day for two weeks!

So what do you think? Is The Grand Del Mar your cup of tea?

Let me know if you’re in and I’ll make the reservation! He he… Imagine if we could all go there together… ahhh! We could hire it out and all go there for a creative-inspirational-retreat! Hey… annnnnnything can happen guys. 😉

Well, you, dear friend, have an awesome day whatever you are up you… hey, do something nice for someone just to bless them. 

Love ya lots and lots!

Nat xo

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Images – Pinterest


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