Take a Risk.

Welcome to Monday my friends! I wonder what excitement awaits us this week? Awaiting me at the end of this week is a big aeroplane that I will be jumping onto and flying across the other side of the world to see my beautiful friend Miriam get married! 🙂 It’s very exciting. So three of my friends and I are jet-setting across to the UK to stand next to her on her special day (wearing very pretty dresses of course!) We haven’t seen her for two and a half years, so I am picturing our airport reunion to be an ‘extra-squeally-scream-and-hug-fest’… just like a scene out of Love Actually!

So, I’ve been thinking about the second half of this year and what it’s going to hold, and for me personally I’m not quite sure, but I really sense a great expectation for something amazing. What about you? What are you expecting? Something new and fun maybe? What could that new thing be for you? Maybe you’ll step out… Maybe you’ll discover a treasure… Maybe you’ll get a new idea… Maybe you’ll travel… Whatever it is, when was the last time you followed your heart and took a risk? 

So don’t hold back. 

Because YOU, my friend, can do ALL things through him who strengthens you!

I love this. So if you are realizing you need to go out on that limb today, just remember I am cheering you on and I think you are incredible! Go you!

Love Nat xoxo

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