Love from NYC :: I did it.

On the 31st of January 2014 on my way to a New Years Eve party in Melbourne, I declared that I would go to New York City to write my book. And here I am eleven months later, back in Melbourne, shaking my head with amazement and thankfulness at what has just taken place. I actually did it. I rented an apartment and went to New York on my own and wrote my book. How crazy!

Like many people on New Year’s Eve, thoughts of expectation and anticipation of a brand new year filled my mind. All of a sudden I allowed myself to dream and thoughts possibility overwhelmed me. I love how God is always ready to stir up our dreams. All it takes is for us to stop, and dream and think, “what if….?!” So as I was dreaming, my mind began to expand and I thought, “I should just go somewhere for two months this year and write my book.” Not a bad idea right? Stirred with a passion so great I thought I might explode, I pulled over on the side of the street, grabbed my phone and began writing two emails. 

Thinking without limits allows us to dream. 

No one’s ever seen or heard anything like this, never so much as imagined anything quite like it – what God has arranged for those who love him!” (1 Cor 2:9 Msg) 

In this place of dreaming, faith is easy and big dreams actually feel within reach. I thought “what the heck”,  bit the bullet and emailed the wonderful Lynette Lewis and Jen Ramos, two amazing women I had met in 2013 on a trip to New York. Their lives had inspired me so much so I thought I would connect with them and share my heart and let them know I might be coming to the city later in the year. Speaking out your dream is like sowing a seed. I believe those emails written in faith shifted my dream from ‘something in my head’ to ‘something that was actually happening!’. Here’s a pic of the lovely Jen and I…

And spending some time with the beautiful Lynette…

And this is when my friend Nic came for a visit!

So with my own little ‘schedule and plan’ in place, I soon discovered that quick answers are not always God’s plan. (Ha!) So as the months went on I kept declaring anything can happen, telling people about this dream and speaking it out, and declaring it over myself. There were days where I openly said to The Lord, “um… okay… I’m not sure what the delay is here? I am not really hearing anything from you, so I guess I’m not supposed to go to New York.” But even on the days when I wasn’t sure, I always had a feeling deep in my gut, drawing me to there. So from January until August my declaration was that “somehow” I was going to New York for two months to write my book. 

So even though I was declaring in faith that anything could happen, many many things were taking my attention and causing me to worry. All of a sudden the initial joy of going on such a wild adventure was overtaken with fear and anxiety. Thoughts like “oh no, Nat you’re not going to make any friends. Where are you going to live? Your apartment is going to be miles from anywhere and it’s not going to be beautiful at all. Um, and how are you going to write a book?” 

What the heck?! Clearly these are lies. I am sure you have experienced something like this as you have stepped out in faith. How annoying is it?! But these lies were just confirmations I was on the right track, and if you are experiencing thoughts like this, then so are you!

So now I am looking back at what has taken place. Honestly my friends, it’s been the most extravagant, ridiculous adventure of my life and I can’t wait to share more of it with you as the weeks go on. I have written so much of the book “Anything Can Happen”, which is great, but as always God has gone above and beyond with friendships, my apartment, and more extravagant and fancy outings and experiences than I could ever have imagined in my lifetime.

So let me encourage you (and me too for this new season!) let’s stir it up and see these amazing dreams in our hearts come to pass!! Here are some things that helped me see my dream happen this year.

1. Understand the power of your declaration.

2. Keep the vision in front of you. (Hab 2:2)

3. Shift your thinking to the point where you believe anything can actually happen.  (Romans 12:2)

4. Take the limits off financially, mentally, emotionally, logistically, geographically and physically.

5. Have specific dreams and be specific with God in asking for them.

6. Picture it in your mind and keep seeing it until it comes to pass.

7. Expect crazy, ridiculous favour.

So be ready, things are shifting in your life and I am excited for you! Have a wonderful week ahead!

Lots of love to you 🙂

Love Nat xoxo