Book Sneak Peek :: ‘The Resident. The Tourist’.

When was the last time you went somewhere new? Last week I was reminiscing about my travels. It’s been a while now since I’ve travelled, not gone on a holiday.. travelled. There is a big difference. And every time I work on my coffee table book, it stirs up my passion to go somewhere new again. My book is coming along well.. it’s a tale of life, travel, beauty and adventure.. full of stories and inspirations of the many of the different cities I have lived in and been to. I’d like to say I am like this girl when I travel.. but unfortunately not. Well, not yet anyway.
Below is an excerpt from my book describing the first time I arrived at Hong Kong airport. It was October 2003 and this place was to be my home for four months.

Excerpt from ‘2 Hours on an Aeroplane’:

“The plane touched town smoothly, and after disembarking I joined the hundreds of others following the signs to baggage claim. Hong Kong International Airport is like a space station. Slick, shiny and organised. Apparently I had landed at a gate (one of hundreds actually) which was so far away it required a train ride to reach the main part of the airport.

You can pick a Hong Kong tourist from a Hong Kong resident a mile away. The tourist: slightly nervous and excited, eyes darting from sign to sign clutching bags whilst holding maps and cameras, wandering slowly and somewhat peacefully, as opposed to the latter. The resident: the fast-paced, super power-walker, zooming at top speed past said tourists, straight towards the baggage area they know so well. Their aim: to clear customs and be on their bus home within 20 minutes of leaving their seat on the plane. I would soon become the resident, walking confidently through the airport; but for that moment in time, I was most definitely the tourist. I felt like one of a thousand cattle being ushered into a yard. All of a sudden my stomach was full of butterflies. I was here.”

How much FUN!! I get excited just thinking about it ha! So.. I have decided, I have to travel this year. I am not sure where, or how, or when.. but at some point this year I just have to pack my bags and head overseas somewhere new!!
Where do you want to travel? Where would you just LOVE to go? If I gave you 10K and said you could head off anywhere for any length of time, where would you go? Okay, now write it down and keep declaring it and you will get there!

Happy Tuesday my friends..

nat x
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