A constant in every season.

Good morning my lovely friends 🙂 I’m sending love to you from New York City! Happy Tuesday for the Aussies and happy Monday to us here in the northern hemisphere… I am writing this post from the bedroom of my beautiful first floor apartment, red geraniums are smiling at me on the balcony as I look down to the tree-lined street below. Here’s me watering them the other morning…

So… I have travelled quite a distance since my last blog. After Vancouver I boarded The Canadian train for a three day journey across Canada to Toronto. Oh my gosh, what an amazing experience it was. Sailing through the Rockies, past gorgeous fields and prairies, and just having some time to reflect on a busy but wonderful past month travelling through Alaska and Canada. And now here I am in my beloved NYC! I arrived last Thursday afternoon and am still pinching myself that I am here. Hello NY Public Library 🙂

And here’s my beautiful street…

I chuckled to myself as I powered up Park Avenue through the crowd the other day, two overflowing Wholefoods paper grocery bags in hand, overtaking people at lightening speed and feeling completely like a local! Hey, when in Rome… 

Here’s the view from my apartment at night… very inspiring I think 🙂

Washington Square Park on a balmy night… 

Such a great atmosphere with street performers everywhere…

So I’m here and it’s wonderful, but as with any new season, mixed emotions often follow along. Over the past four days I have been overwhelmed with joy and excitement that I am finally back here in this city I love, but I have also found myself faced with fear and uncertainty. Being a very organised person, I like things to be in order and planned out, but when you’re in a new city, out of your comfort zone, with nothing familiar around you, this is sometimes not as easy to do as it may be back home. 🙂 So I’ve had to shift things around a little bit and reassess. This morning (after a restless sleep due to a silly migraine) I spent the morning just reading my bible and sitting in God’s presence. Ah, it was honestly like water to my soul. 

His presence is everything. What a gift hey. When the busyness and craziness of life is whirling around us, we can feel so out of control, but the wonderful thing is that no matter how far off course we might spin, he is always right there waiting for us. And his presence is a breath of fresh air. It’s a constant and sure thing in our lives and it never, ever changes. 

Are you in a new season? Or feeling like you are in transition? Or maybe you have just been in this season for such a long time you are not sure what to do next? Well, whatever you are facing, let’s both be encouraged… as we navigate new territory, journeying this day set before us, let’s be aware that we are pioneering a brave and new path. My friends, we are doing a great job and all of heaven is cheering us on. We are not alone in this… So today, know that you are loved by me and that I am cheering you on in whatever season you are in! < Insert big group hug here! > Here’s me sending you love from my little home in New York 🙂 xxxxx

My heart for this blog is to build a community of friends near and far, who can encourage each other and cheer one another on as we dare to chase the things in our hearts. So if you have some encouragement to share, feel free to send it our way. What greatness is ahead of us! I love you all and am sending you a big hug today from NYC 🙂

Have an amazing day my friend.

Nat xoxo

All images by Natalie Box


PS  – And a HUGE shout out to my dear friend Louise! Happy happy birthday babe!!

PPS –  And this is me looking like a local heading out of my apartment the other night ha ha…


Fear is still (and will always, always be) a liar.

Fear is so silly don’t you think? Well I mean, when we’re affected by it’s sneaky discouragement, illusive intimidation and overwhelming anxiety, okay let’s be honest it feels more ‘in-your-face-dangerous‘ than ‘silly’; but that moment we realise just how pathetic and obviously … Continue reading

What are you waiting for. Just do it.

What is it you love to do? What’s that thing
The thing that makes you come alive and filled with joy. Do you know? 
Sometimes it feels like time goes forever. And we’ll be here forever. 
And have plenty of time to do all the things we dream of. But it doesn’t. And we won’t. 
Life is actually quick. It’s a vapour.
I don’t mean to sound all morbid or anything, but this is LIFE we are talking about here! Your life. 🙂 
Do you love your life? Are you thriving? And flourishing?
What is it that makes you feel alive? 
When you’re creating? Or designing? Or building? Or helping? Or planning? Or writing? 
Or teaching? Or listening? Or parenting? Or encouraging? Or exploring?
Well for me, it’s encouraging people to recognise how amazing they are. To see what desires they have in their hearts, and to encourage them to be everything they have been called to be. Everyone has a dream. You do. And even writing this makes me feel so passionate to encourage you right now! As you read these very words I pray God begins to awaken something new in YOU. 
I want to let you know something. 
Before he breathed the stars, God created you. You. He designed you with perfection. Unique and unlike anyone else who would ever walk this earth. He placed specific, precious desires in your heart, things only you can do and things that will make your heart come alive when you do them.
So what are you waiting for?!
It’s your turn to dream my friend. Cos guess what… 🙂
Abundance is God’s normalWe are often satisfied with ‘pretty good’ or ‘near enough’ – but God is extravagant. He’s not happy with 5 days of you working in a job you don’t love and 2 days of ‘I wish this weekend would last forever so I never have to go back to work’. He wants you thriving every moment. So come on, it’s time to take that leap!
Just DO it. Okay? Whatever is in your heart… remember, it’s never too late, too early, you’re never too old, too young, too serious, too loud, too quiet, too busy. NO excuses. 
(Seriously I am going to follow up on this and check back on you okay?!)

Have an amazing Tuesday friends. Stir it up!

Love Nat xoxo

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Nothing Can Stop God’s Plan For Your Life.

It’s true! And even though sometimes it feels like things are taking their time, or plans are not happening, things are always, always, always in motion. Think about a musical or a play, behind the scenes is usually even more busy than what’s happening ON the stage. So right now, as you are reading these very words, God is busy at work behind the scenes of your life, working and weaving everything together according to his wonderful plan. Below is the architect’s blueprint by Walt Disney Imagineering for the Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom, Disney World. Just as this castle was meticulously planned before it was built… the blueprint for YOUR life has already been planned, not only before you were born, but before God even said “let there be light.” Ha ha I feel the little girl in me getting a just a little bit excited about this pic… 
And you know what? And once the plan is in place, there is actually nothing that can stop it. I’ve been sick with a silly throat infection the last three days, and last night as I was laying in bed, eight words just flashed into my mind like lightning. Nothing can stop God’s plan for my life. So what does this mean for us? We all have dreams and desires in our hearts, we’re believing and declaring, and often waiting for things to come to pass, but what we can see is “the stage”. We can’t see “behind the scenes”. Anyway, last night as those eight words of truth exploded into my mind, they took over every negative thought, doubt and question and released a flood of hope and encouragement. So in addition to coughing and spluttering, I was also very encouraged last night! And I pray that as you read these words the same thing will happen to you. May be filled with fresh hope today! Xx

Did you realise, without you even thinking about it, the sun rose this morning? 
Nothing could stop it.
And guess what, it’s going to set tonight. Nothing can stop it.
Think about the last beach you went to… even though you’re long gone, 
those waves are still coming in. Nothing can stop them.
In Winter, the snow is going to fall. Nothing can stop it.
As the rain and the snow come down from heaven…
And do not return to it without watering the earth…
Making it bud and flourish,
so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater…
So is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will NOT return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it. (Isaiah 55:10)
So just like nothing can stop the sun rising, or setting, or the waves coming in, or the seasons changing… NOTHING can stop His plan for your life! It might seem slow in coming to pass but…

So be encouraged today okay. Things are happening! Behind the scenes, right at this very moment, God is busy at work, preparing, planning, weaving and working things together so you can be released into the glorious destiny he has for you. There is no other day like today, and something amazing is awaiting you.

Always cheering you on… Nat x

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Ps… here is what the Cinderella Castle looks like after being built… from the blueprint.

Pretty amazing hey.

Anything Can Happen ~ Book Sneak Peek { Everyday Adventures }

On a scale of one to ten, how much adventure would you say you’ve you had lately? Would you say you are adventurous all day? Half the day? Or would it be more like 1 hour per day? Or maybe not even be that much? Well, I’ve been working on my book “Anything Can Happen” quite a bit lately and yesterday I was writing all about adventure. Ah, I love this pic below, doesn’t it make you want to go and climb a mountain?
What is this desire in us for adventure? Even if we don’t realise it’s in us, it’s there. We have been given “life in abundance” (John 10:10) Abundance = a very large quantity, more than adequate, over-sufficient. So for me, abundance is simple, I need to have a lot more fun and adventure. So, here’s a sneak peek of a snippet from Chapter 4 of the book ~ “Expect Surprises Everyday” 🙂 xx

A N Y T H I N G   C A N   H A P P E N 

{ e v e r y d a y  |  a d v e n t u r e s }

“If I say to you “expect adventure today”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? You might have a list of great things that just roll off the tongue, which is great, but if you don’t, then it’s time to dream. 
I’m challenged even as I write this. What am I expecting today? It’s 3:48pm on Tuesday 25th February. There are still just over 8 hours left in this day. So, what am I expecting? It would be easy for me to think, “well it’s almost 5pm, that’s the end of the day, then I’ll go home and just relax and have an early night”. Sensible, yes. Adventure, not really. What time is it now, as you read these words? Look at your watch, then work out how many hours are left in this day. Even if it’s only 30 minutes, that’s plenty of time to encourage someone, write in your journal, send that email, look up that course, or take one tiny step toward that dream you’ve been putting off for six months. 
An adventure is “an unusual and exciting or daring experience”. It’s “participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises” (Oxford Dictionary) and really, “life in abundance” means we should be participating in and experiencing these all the time right?! So let’s stir it up. Let’s stir up a sense of daily adventure and expectation. Adventure and fun are not just for ‘every now and then’, they are for everyday. 

Even if you don’t know quite what you’d love to do… just ask God, and he will show you. 🙂 Life is too short not to have fun and do what you love all the time. So what is it for you? Take a few minutes, take the limits off, let your mind go wild and just ask, “What’s the adventure awaiting me right now?” Because guess what he says to you…
As we start thinking like this, adventure actually becomes our normal. God has put so many seeds of adventure inside us, and it’s up to us to dig them up. When we have a vision for what we are expecting, we go after it with greater tenacity, and we actually SEE it happen. So write down some things on your heart right away, then get ready because… Anything Can Happen.”
Have an amazing day expecting adventure.

Love Nat x

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Transition :: Just Keep Going.

Transition is a funny thing isn’t it. When you’re in transition, you never feel like you are. I mean, you never think, “Well, I’d better make the most of this uncomfortable season, because it will be over soon!” No, usually, when you’re in the middle of a season, you feel stuck, because you can’t imagine it actually will ever end. The definition of transition is = the process or period of changing from one state or condition to another. So what does that mean for you? Are you in a period of transition at the moment? Are you’re waiting for something?

When we’re IN transition, we can often feel frustrated and discouraged. Especially in the final moments before we move into that new thing. However, let me encourage you. This is a what a butterfly looks like, flitting around in all it’s beauty… Stunning hey.
But now look at the “not so glamorous” transition it had to go through to get into this world… Ouch.
Transition is rarely smooth sailing and glamorous. But the moment we come through it and move into the new season, it always, always makes sense. When you’re in it however, it can be so hard to see. And this, my friends, is where the leap of faith steps in.
Many times all we can do is trust. We just have to believe that what we are doing IS leading us somewhere, and there IS great purpose in it all, even though most of the time it actually doesn’t even make sense. But… let me encourage us all today… 🙂
Your harvest is certain. The reward is already part of your future. I am standing with you in this race and cheering you on. Whatever season you are in, just remember, that’s exactly what it is — a “season“.  And if we think about our four seasons, sometimes they feel like they go on forever (hello… winter!?) but the thing that gives us hope is that we know they each have an end date. The season is not going to last forever. And so it is with us. Just when things seem like they’re never going to change, they always do. So, in the words of our wonderful friend Dory, whatever season you are in my friends……..…..
Because, guess what………..
And you know what else?

That’s right. ANYthing. Are you ready for that? Have you pictured it in your mind? Have your written it out and stuck it on your mirror as a reminder? Because, as we declare and expect things to happen and change, they will. 

Have the best day! 

Love Nat xx

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Something wonderful is about to happen :)

Hooray :):) It’s Friday friends! How has your weekend been? 
I am actually pretty exhausted from all the socialising I have been doing… how hilarious! 
There’s just so much to do! From watching the tennis at Fed Square, to the Moonlight Cinema… coffees on Lygon Street to fish ‘n’ chips and late night beach fun, to walking around ‘the tan’ and meandering through streets… it’s been so fun, but at the same time I kinda think I may need to rest ha!! The weekend is almost here, and I would love to encourage you to do something today. You may in fact do this already, or you may do it later in the day – but these are the words  I am putting in front of myself today… care to join me?
 Anything can happen. AS in… ANY-THING.
And all it takes is a moment. In one moment, something can happen. 
In one moment, everything can change.
So be ready for it, expect it… and thank God for it. 

love Nat xo

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Enlarged in the Waiting.

What are you waiting for? I know it’s a pretty deep question for a Monday morning, but I just thought I’d ask. 🙂 If you could see a shift in one area of your life, what it be? Well… now that you have it in your mind, it’s time to get expectant. Cos let me encourage you, it’s coming. 🙂
We’re all waiting for something. We’re all in different stages of life and most probably desiring different things, but we all have one common denominator. Our hearts tell us there’s more, and we believe it. So we stir our expectancy, and wait. 
Two definitions of waiting are: 1. Staying in a place until an expected event happens; and to 2. Remain in a state which you will expect or hope that something will happen soon. How cool. So let me ask you… how are your hope levels?
Everything changes when we get fresh hope, doesn’t it?! Strength comes and we feel empowered and full of faith. So… how do we get this new hope?
Well… we WAIT. 🙂
It sounds funny doesn’t it? Waiting in order to get hope. But it’s true! 
And it’s not passive waiting, it’s active, expectant waiting. 
I love this!

We are enlarged in the waiting. It never really feels like this at the time, but as we think of the analogy of a woman carrying a child, over that nine months, she is enlarged in order to carry something newGod is always good and he has a purpose for us in every season. He turns everything around for the best, so whatever we are facing right now, we can rest assured that His goodness is working it’s way into our situation, even as you read these words. 🙂
So be encouraged. God is fighting for you and doing His thing! I release hope over you today. You are going to have an amazing day!

love nat x

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